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October 11, 2018, my mother's birthday...

I didn't know what to get her. All the jewels were too expensive and I couldn't afford them as I was still a student. I was very frustrated, very disappointed while I was lying on my bed. But an idea crossed my mind... Why not create my own pieces?

I searched on several sites how to create my own jewelry and I went to buy the materials at a market near my house. I spent the whole week assembling different parts to get the most beautiful piece, it was very exciting. Finally, I found the best combo two days before my mother's birthday. I was very proud of my work!

The moment I offered my mom my handmade necklace was just magical. She cried with joy and hugged me!

Over time, many of her friends would ask her where she got the necklace. She told them that I made it and they all wanted one. So I started selling my jewelry to her friends, then to her friends' friends...

Then, on May 29, 2019, I had the idea to create my brand Vanessa Flair which currently has over 30,000 satisfied customers.

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